Energy For Business

By Rinat Grinberg

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Who am I

There is a Better Way to communicate

Professional Information



  • Business Training

  • Effective Communication

  • Presentation Skills

  • Cultural Awareness

  • Customer Service

  • Cultural Diversity

  • Managing Meetings

  • Successful Negotiation

  • Constructive Feedback

  • Positive Employee Relations

  • Managing Complex Sales

  • Email Marketing

  • Email Management

  • Global Customer Service

  • Employee Retention

  • Conflict Management

  • Team Building

  • Leadership Training

Work experience


  • Hebrew

  • English

Who am I


While working in an international language school for 16 years I started the seminar

department to enable employees to improve their communication in English.

Nowadays, English is required in most companies and for many tasks and the need for a quick improvement is of many employees.

Focusing on the employees needs and the understanding that the improvement needed is immediate brought me to the understanding that short, focused and tailored solutions is just what they need.


I believe that improving the employees' skills can be quick, fun and done within a short period of time.

With the experience of 8 years and over 150 companies I am sure your employees can benefit a lot.


Companies in which I trained:

Pharmaceutical: Teva, MSD, GSK. 

Hightech: Comverse, DELL, SPL, RAD גילת

Shipping: UTI,DHL

Industry: Delta, Gadot, Keter, ICL,Nisko,Osem,Hogla Kimberly,Philip morris


Director of business seminars 



Started the eminar department, wrote the seminars and delieverd  in more than 150 companies.

The seminars were delievered in pharmaceutical companies, law firms, accounting firms, hotels, Hi tech, Industry, tourism and finance.


Director of corporate sales - Berlitz



Managed a team of 10 corporate sales managers

Set sales goals and enssured meeting the goals

initiated contact with new potential customers

Suported Sales process

Recruiting and  training of new sales managers