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  By Rinat Grinberg

There is a Better Way to communicate

  Small Talk 


Having a day to day conversation is an integral part of business, yet a lot of employees face

difficulties due to lack of vocabulary and poor social skills.


How do I deal with awkward silences?

How long can I hold a conversation about the weather? 

What topics are taboo and shouldn't be brought up?

The conversation is stuck, what can I do?


Most managers and employees feel quite comfortable talking in English about work related 

topics. The vocabulary that is relevant to the company and their position is known to them 

and is often used.

However, situations in which they have to host at a restaurant, participate in a "mingling 

situation" those "few minutes" before a meeting begins or when it ends, those situations 

make a lot of employees uncomfortable.

Not only do they face difficulties in conducting small talk, but many of them fail to 

understand its importance.

Creating rapport, building trust and making a personal connections are important tools in 

creating and maintaining business relationships.

Small talk is a major element in building that relationship.


Seminar topics:

What is small talk?

The importance of small talk in the business world

Topics for small talk

Which Topics to avoid?

How to find common ground

What is active listening?

How to keep the conversation rolling

Skills required to conduct small talk

Vocabulary required for small talk

Role plays to practice small talk situations