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Energy For Business

By Rinat Grinberg

There is a Better Way to communicate

          Providing positive internal and external

     customer service



Many employees in various positions are required to provide customer service in English, to internal and external customers.


Do I understand the complaint?

How do I say no to a customer?

How to deal with anger and dissatisfaction?

How do I respond to complaints?

What do I do when the customer is in the wrong?


Positive communication is the essence of good customer service. To reach mutual 

understanding when facing customer anger, employees must be able to project patience and empathy, developing active listening therefor is essential.

Customer service is a part of every business. Quick, efficient and positive service will ensure customers satisfaction and retention.


Seminar topics:

Positive customer service

Customer's expectations

Understanding customer's needs

Responding to complaints

Positive communication

Active listening

Dealing with the angary and dissatisfied customer

Tone and body language