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  By Rinat Grinberg

There is a Better Way to communicate



Negotiating takes place in every working environment and in every interaction when an

agreement has to be reached.

Negotiations are held both within and outside organizations, between colleagues, managers, customers and suppliers.

Negotiations which are difficult to many employees become even more difficult when done in English.


Was my point properly presented?

When should I compromise?

What technique should I use at this point in the negotiation?

What preparation should I have done to approach this negotiation better?




Many employees are not aware of the importance of properly preparing themselves for the negotiation, what steps to choose and what techniques to use in each situation. 

The attempt to approach such a complexed process without the necessary knowledge and skills is doomed to failure.

The success of negotiations depends on the employee's negotiation skills and his ability to identify the negotiation style of the other side, especially when he is of a different culture.

Understating how other cultures think, communicate and negotiate are critical for successful 








Seminar topics:

What is negotiation

Identifying different approaches to negotiations

Stages of the negotiation process

Adjusting one's behavior

Planning the process


Dealing with conflict

Listening ability

Intercultural negotioations