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  By Rinat Grinberg

There is a Better Way to communicate


Leading meetings (face to face and virtual)

and participating in them



Participating in meetings at work is a major and important part of the working day in many companies.

When those meetings are conducted in English many employees find it challenging.


Is my English good enough in order to make my point?

How can I say I don't understand?

Am I doing a good job convincing?

How can I disagree and still sound polite?


Many meetings at work turn out to be inefficient and don’t meet  aimed objective.

When meetings are conducted in English their efficiency is even lower for those whose 

English is not their mother tongue.

Meetings in English which a lot of employees find difficult become even more difficult when conducted virtually.

The distance and the lack of personal contact make the virtual meeting more challenging 

and difficult for the participants.

The meeting seminar provides the participants with the skills and confidence enabling them 

to lead and participate in meetings more effectively.


Seminar topics:

Invitations to meetings

Setting goals

Building an agenda

Agreeing and disagreeing

Asking for clarifications


Formal and informal meetings

Positive communication

The challenges of virtual meetings

English vocabulary for meetings