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  By Rinat Grinberg

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There is a Better Way to communicate


Effective email writing


Many employees and managers are familiar with that moment, just before they press the

send button, in which they are not sure if their email is good enough.

Not being confident with their emails is a feeling most nonnative English speakers share.


Is my message clear?

Am I assertive enough yet not aggressive?

Am I using the correct grammar?

Am I using the proper phrasing?

How do I begin and end my email?

How formal should my email be?

Should I use in, at or is it on?


Emails are the main tool employees use in order to communicate both within and outside 

the organization.

The need to be quick, efficient, concise and articulate is a need every employee faces.

The employee's ability to write professional emails has a major effect on their 

professionalism and efficiency at work.

Writing an email which is short, positive, concise, properly represents the employee and the company, is not as easy as it might seem.


Seminar topics:

The structure of emails

Properly using the subject line

Positive communication

Delivering negative messages

Dealing with complaints

Requesting help

Levels of formality

Using the right tone

Communicating with people from other cultures

Formats of emails

Common mistakes in email writing