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Energy For Business

  By Rinat Grinberg

There is a Better Way to communicate

Business English 


The requirement of using English in the business world is becoming very common in companies working in the international arena.

English is used in most activities done at work, presentations, job interviews, emails, negotiations and more.

What stands between the employees and their ability to perform these tasks are in many cases lack of vocabulary, low confidence and practice.


In order to help the employee raise his confidence and perform these tasks more efficiently his vocabulary has to be enriched focusing on vocabulary relevant to the task and his field of expertise.

In addition allowing him practice during the seminar enables implementation.

Short and focused seminar targeted and tailored to each employee in the organization will allow employees to acquire these skills in a short period of time.


The employee will feel his advancement as soon as he finishes the seminar and will gain a tool box he can use at work.


Seminar topics:

Self-presentation and the presentation of the organization

Participation in meetings

Email writing


small talk

Phone calls

Participation in virtual meetings

Writing reports

Information Sharing

English grammar

Practice using English in different business situations