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  By Rinat Grinberg

There is a Better Way to communicate

Building and presenting presentations in English


Many managers and employees find the experience of standing in front of an audience

unpleasant and stressful and try to avoid it at all costs.

This uncomfortable feeling doubles when the presentation is delivered in English.


How do I prepare myself?

How do I sound in English?

Do I understand audiences of a different culture?

Is my audience attentive and interested?

Did the message come across?


There are many stages in building an effective presentation. Each stage requires knowledge, 

experience and skills that not all employees necessarily have.

There are many parameters which have to be taken into account when planning, 

formulating and finally presenting. 

The process is not as easy as some employees may think.

When given the stage to sell, convince, present, demonstrate or teach, we want to be sure 

that the presentation is as effective as it can be and that our goal is reached.


Seminar topics:

Vocabulary for presentations

Opening, body and closing of the presentation

Stages of preparation

Dealing with questions

Defining the message

Maintaining audience's interest

Proper use of tone and body language

Common mistakes in presentations

Presentations to people from other cultures